District Positions

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The district committee is comprised of local group’s General Service Representatives (GSRs) and district service positions. The district committee meets once a month to conduct business at the district level. Below are details on what district service positions are available for the 2022-2024 rotation and what are the responsibilities.

DCM Chair (Filled) & Alternate (Filled)
The D.C.M. carries the collective group conscience of the A.A. groups in the district to the area committee. Among the two-way communication responsibilities of the D.C.M. are: Holding regular meetings of all G.S.R.s in the district. Assisting the delegate in obtaining group information in time to meet the deadline for appropriate A.A. directories. Keeping G.S.R.s informed about Conference activities. Acquainting G.S.R.s with The A.A. Service Manual, Box 4-5-9, and other A.A. literature. Making a regular practice of talking to groups (new and old) on the responsibilities of general service work.

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Treasurer Chair (Filled) Alternate (Available)
The Treasurer Chair is responsible for paying the district’s routine bills and for keeping accurate records of the district’s funds. The treasurer maintains a bank account with a prudent reserve approved by the district committee. The Treasurer Chair proposes a yearly budget and provides reimbursement as agreed upon by the district committee. Chair The Treasurer Chair also provides a monthly report at the district committee meeting.

Secretary Chair (Filled) & Alternate (Available)
The Secretary Chair records the meeting minutes of the district committee meetings, distributes the minutes electronically to the district and the NIA area members, provides hardcopies of minutes (or other handouts) at the district committee meeting and keeps the district mailing list up to date.

Archivist (Filled) & Alternate (Available)
The Archivist gathers and care for the fellowship’s historical documents, memorabilia, records, minutes, reports, photographs, newspaper and magazine articles from the past and present. They should be collected, preserved, and made available for A.A. members now and for generations to come.

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Answering Service Chair (Filled) & Alternate (Available)
As the Answering Service Chair receives inquiries from those seeking help, they may refer callers to a nearby A.A. group where sponsorship may be arranged, or may have a twelfth stepper contact them.

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Bridging the Gap Chair (Available) Alternate (Available)
The Bridging the Gap Chair is responsible for providing local treatment facilities a point of contact to the local Alcoholics Anonymous groups. This includes maintaining a list of local treatment centers, educating local treatment centers on the AA groups in the district and coordinating local volunteers to be a temporary contact for the patients leaving treatment centers.

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Cooperation With Professional Community / Public Information Chair (CPC/PI, Filled) & Alternate (Filled)
CPC/PI is a dual purpose committee due to the size of the district. The CPC/PI Chair provides information about A.A. to those who have contact with alcoholics through their profession. This may includes healthcare professionals, educators, members of the clergy, lawyers, social workers, union leaders, and industrial managers, government officials, as well as those working in the field of alcoholism. Information is provided about where we are, what we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do. The CPC/PI also provides accurate A.A. information to the public when requested.

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Webmaster Chair (Filled) & Alternate (Available)
The Webmaster Chair is responsible for maintaining the district website. This includes updating content (i.e. meeting list) when needed and answering email requests.